Best of Ludwigsburg

Grand palaces and glorious gardens

See how royal life changed over the centuries. And how staff in the kitchens and gardens made it happen. Explore the museums dedicated to art and fashion, ceramics and children. The 18th-century theater still has the original stage equipment and sets. Outdoors, the Ludwigsburg Palace Gardens are a highlight of the enormous park.

Im Vordergrund Oleander, im Hintergrund das Residenzschloss mit blauem Himmel

Elegance on a grandiose scale! “Now that’s what I call a palace!” First-time visitors are amazed by the sheer size:  452 rooms in 18 buildings. This is one of Europe’s largest original Baroque complexes. The lavish architecture, with arches and columns, frescoes and chandeliers, reflects the power and wealth of the dukes and kings, for whom this was home.

Das Jagd- und Lustschloss Favorite auf einer grünen Wiese umgeben von Bäumen.

Built as a hunting lodge and summer retreat, the 300-year-old Favorite Palace is set in a wooded park.

Luftaufnahme eines Seeschlosses mit einem kleinen Boot auf dem Wasser.

Monrepos overlooks a lake. Go boating, play golf on the nearby course or have a tasting at the winery.

Ein sandsteinfarbener Turm auf einem Hügel mit grünen Bäumen seitlich im Vordergrund.

Ludwigsburg's sensational palace gardens! Flanking the palace on three sides, the gardens called Blühendes Barock are worth a visit in their own right.

Familie in einem Boot auf dem Märchenbach.

Fairytales come to life in a special area within the Baroque in Bloom gardens of Ludwigsburg Palace.

Nahaufnahme einer goldenen Vase im Keramikmuseum-

This world-class collection is more than just lovely vases, cups and mugs. From colorful majolica to delicate porcelain, the 2,000 objects on display provide insight into the past.

Schaufensterpuppen mit historischen Gewändern im Modemuseum.

Clothes are more than fashion statements. At the Fashion Museum in Ludwigsburg Palace, see how women and men have dressed over the centuries, from 18th-century Rococo right through to the present day!

Innenraum des historischen Schlosstheaters mit Kronleuchter an der Decke.

The 18th-century theater in Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the oldest of its kind, complete with original stage machinery!

Als Prinzessin verkleidetes Mädchen spielt im Residenzschloss.

What is usually banned in most museums is encouraged in the Kinderreich, an interactive, living museum for children in Ludwigsburg Palace. Touching things, trying things on and joining in the fun are not just allowed, they are encouraged!

So much to see and do!

Ludwigsburg is much more than grand palaces and tales of royal families and aristocrats (though that is fun!). This elegant town also boasts a lively main square with cafés and regular markets, where everyone meets to chat and watch the world go by. Then there are entertaining and informative walks, led by guides dressed in period costumes. As well as taking a relaxed cruise along the glorious Neckar River, you can get active: rent canoes, kayaks and SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards).

Blick auf den Marktplatz im Vordergrund Menschen, im Hintergrund die evangelische Stadtkirche und die letzten Sonnenstrahlen am Abend

Relaxed Italian atmosphere meets urban cool. The Market Square is the beating heart of Ludwigsburg and the perfect starting point for a stroll through the picturesque city center.

To get an idea of everyday life in Ludwigsburg in the past, join a fun costumed tour. Guides wear attire that reflects their jobs and era, from counts and kitchen maids to a 1900 factory owner's wife.

Zwei Menschen sitzen in einem gelben Kanu, beide haben Paddel in der Hand und spritzen mit Wasser um sich

Ludwigsburg is on the Neckar, one of Germany’s prettiest rivers. An unexpected pleasure for many visitors is taking a tour by canoe, kayak or SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). The scenery along the way includes steep vineyards and medieval villages.

Weißes, zweistöckiges Ausflugsschiff auf einem Fluss im Grünen.

A must-do experience is a trip on the Neckar River aboard an elegant boat in the Neckar Käpt'n fleet.

Luftaufnahme eines Seeschlosses mit einem kleinen Boot auf dem Wasser.

In one of the town’s oldest Baroque buildings, the lively interactive and hands-on displays in the Ludwigsburg Museum explain how the town was planned and developed.

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