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Monrepos Palace

Monrepos overlooks a lake. Go boating, play golf on the nearby course or have a tasting at the winery.

Seeschloss Monrepos mit Booten auf dem See
© T&E
Seeschloss Monrepos im Herbst mit blauem Wasser im Vordergrund
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Seeschloss Monrepos aus der Vogelperspektive
© T&E, Achim Mende


In the mid-18th century, Duke Carl Eugen wanted a new hunting lodge; his architect designed a Rococo-style mini-palace. Linked to Ludwigsburg Palace and Favorite Palace via a broad avenue through a spacious park, Monrepos Palace overlooks a lake. Still owned by the Württemberg royal family, it is now a venue for events and weddings. The estate also boasts a winery, an 18-hole golf course, riding stables, a hotel, restaurant and cafés. In summer, 8,000-strong audiences attend the Ludwigsburg Festival’s popular Klassik Open Air concert, with its spectacular firework display.

Insider tips

  • Leisure tip: Stay on the estate at the modern Schlosshotel Monrepos. Rent a boat to enjoy views of the palace from the lake.

Prices, opening hours & information

Tickets & prices

Monrepos Palace is privately owned and only open to the public for special events. However, you can walk in the park and beside the lake at any time.

Opening hours

Monrepos Palace is privately owned and is only open to the public for special events. However, you can walk in the park and beside the lake at any time.



The parkland around Monrepos is popular with locals for walks and picnics. It is suitable for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility. Designated disabled parking spaces are at the entrance. Parking and access to the lake are free of charge.

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Seeschloss Monrepos
Hofkammer des Hauses Württemberg
Schloss Monrepos 9

Tel. +49 7141 22106-0
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