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When you get to Ludwigsburg, start here at the Tourist Information Center. Our staff are locals, who know what’s on, where to go and what to see.

Außenansicht des MIK Gebäudes
© T&E, Benjamin Stollenberg
Innenansicht der Touirist Info mit langer Theke
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Shop der Tourist Information
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Get the most out of your visit!

We love giving insider tips, from what’s fun for families to what’s interesting for culture fans. You can even buy tickets from us. If you are looking for a souvenir of Ludwigsburg to take home, check out our gift shop. And we are so easy to find! Our office is in one of the city’s oldest Baroque buildings, now called the MIK (Museum - Information - Art). Our neighbors are the Ludwigsburg Museum, an art gallery and a café.

Insider Tips

  • Special experience tip: If you want to get an idea of life in Ludwigsburg in the olden days, book one of our authentic and entertaining costumed tours. A popular example is a walk exploring life in 1900 with Emilie Wagner, a factory owner's wife. (Please note: Only groups by request!)
  • Souvenir tip: Take a piece of Ludwigsburg home with you. Visit Ludwigsburg - Portrait of a City is our new photo album, with beautiful images of our beautiful city. Find it in the gift shop in the Tourist Information Center.

Prices, opening hours & information

Tickets & prices

Admission and all services are free.

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How we can help you

  • Information on sights, museums, events and more
  • Tickets for events
  • Booking city tours, adventure tours
  • A shop with souvenirs and vouchers
  • Hotel information
  • Organizing visits for group
  • And much more! Just ask and we are ready to help!



Wheelchair users can enter the Tourist Information Center via a ramp in the inner courtyard. Although there are steps at the main entrance, there is a chair lift for those with reduced mobility.

Contact us

Tourist Information Center in the MIK
Eberhardstraße 1
71634 Ludwigsburg

Tel: +49 7141 910 2252
Fax: +49 7141 910 2774

Ticket sales service
Tel: +49 7141 910 3900

More Ludwigsburg

Vier Kinder sind mit einer erwachsenen Person im Museum und schauen sich Exponate an.

In one of the town’s oldest Baroque buildings, the lively interactive and hands-on displays in the Ludwigsburg Museum explain how the town was planned and developed.

Blick auf den Marktplatz im Vordergrund Menschen, im Hintergrund die evangelische Stadtkirche und die letzten Sonnenstrahlen am Abend

Relaxed Italian atmosphere meets urban cool. The Market Square is the beating heart of Ludwigsburg and the perfect starting point for a stroll through the picturesque city center.

Im Vordergrund Oleander, im Hintergrund das Residenzschloss mit blauem Himmel

Elegance on a grandiose scale! “Now that’s what I call a palace!” First-time visitors are amazed by the sheer size: 452 rooms in 18 buildings. This is one of Europe’s largest original Baroque complexes.

Im Hintergrund die Emichsburg im Blühenden Barock, im Vordergrund ein Blumenbeet.

Flanking the palace on three sides, the majestic gardens called Blühendes Barock are worth a visit in their own right.

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